Aniridia is a devastating ocular disease requiring intensive eye care, social and community support from birth and throughout an individual’s lifetime.

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Upcoming dissertation by Hilde R. Pedersen exploring retinal variability in congenital aniridia and its implications in visual impairment.

We are pleased to announce the upcoming thesis dissertation of one of ANIRIDIA-NET Action’s participants, Mrs. Hilde R. Pedersen from the University of South-Eastern Norway, which can be followed digitally via zoom using this link. Next May 12th at 13:00 pm CEST she will be presenting the key aspects and conclusions of this aniridia-focused investigative work titled «The Retina in Congenital Aniridia – Structural, Functional and Genetic Variability». Her thesis entails a thorough analysis of variations in genotype and retinal structure, and its implications in visual impairment in aniridia patients. Observations reveal that aniridia patients have fewer photoreceptors with a large variability in structural underdevelopment, causing major visual anomalies that can correlate to the patient’s PAX6 mutation genotype. Any questions or comments will be welcomed using the comment sections of our website/social media sites (LinkedIn or Twitter). Make sure you don’t miss it!

Mrs. Hilde R. Pedersen, thesis defender at the University of South-Eastern Norway
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