Aniridia is a devastating ocular disease requiring intensive eye care, social and community support from birth and throughout an individual’s lifetime.

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Training Schools

ANIRIDIA-NET invites researchers to attend the Training Schools organized by our Action.

Training Schools can help ANIRIDIA-NET #CA18116 COST Action to share knowledge and support collaboration and build a rich training ground to improve aniridia management within the organizations involved in the Action. Training Schools will be organized on topics aligned with  with the Action tasks as listed in the ANIRIDIA-NET Memorandum of Understanding.

Please check this space regularly for the latest information about Trainning Schools organized by our Action. Updates are also circulated through @AniridiaNet in Twitter and Linkedinn.

For more details, contact ANIRIDIA-NET Training Coordinator: Dr Rozaliya HRISTOVA (

COST Association - European Cooperation in Science and Technology through COST Action #18116 @AniridiaNet is glad to host its first e-Training School on Ocular Surface Disease. Don't miss out on this exceptional opportunity to learn first-hand, from a panel of international scientists and clinical researchers, on the workings of ocular surface imaging, lens and prothesis and ocular surface surgery. Register now to attend to this free all-virtual training program hosted by Vito Romano (from the University of Liverpool). Find the training school program HERE. ...

Our ANIRIDIA-NET Training School 20_ _ will be hosted by _______ between _ _th – _ _th ____ 20_ _. The focus of this Training School will be on _____. Grants are available for Early Career Investigators to assist with the expenses of attending this Training School. Interested applicants should apply to attend this Training School and state whether they wish to be considered for a grant. You can also follow updates through @AniridiaNet Find here further information and application guidelines for ANIRIDIA-NET Training School 20_ _, the latest version of the Training School Programme, as well as practical information, including travel arrangements and reimbursement rules. For more details, contact ANIRIDIA-NET Training Coordinator: Dr Rozaliya HRISTOVA (  ...