Aniridia is a devastating ocular disease requiring intensive eye care, social and community support from birth and throughout an individual’s lifetime.

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A successful scientific mission at the University of Oslo: Gerard Boix Lemonche

Dr. Gerard Boix Lemonche, a postdoctoral researcher from the University of Udine (Italy), recently returned from a scientific mission in the research group of Prof. Petrovski at the Center for Eye Research of the University of Oslo, Norway. The purpose of this fruitful mission was for him to gain hands-on technical experience in the production of bioengineered 3D corneal scaffolds, as well as in the isolation of corneal stromal and limbal epithelial stem cells from leftover donor corneas. This training provided Dr. Boix Lemonche with the expertise for developing of 3D corneal models and stablished the basis for future collaborations among both participating institutions. This scientific mission was made possible thanks to Aniridia-net CA18116 COST action networking tools.

Representative image of (A) the 3D-printing process and (B) femtosecond laser-assisted intrastromal keratoplasty (FLISK) performed on a porcine cornea for insertion of the 3D-printed scaffold.

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