Aniridia is a devastating ocular disease requiring intensive eye care, social and community support from birth and throughout an individual’s lifetime.

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A new collaborative project bringing together efforts for the treatment of corneal opacification in aniridia patients.

A budget of 1.4 million € has been recently granted by the EJP RD (for European Joint Research Program on Rare Diseases) to continue to push forward research on the treatment of aniridia-associated keratopathy (AAK), which is the most difficult part of the disease to treat. The AAK-INSIGHT project was proposed by a consortium of researchers from several countries, led by Prof. Neil Lagali (Linköping University, Sweden) and Prof. Daniel Aberdam (CNRS, Biologie, Inserm-Technion, France). The AAK-INSIGHT project aims to implement a drug development program for a gene therapy medicinal product for aniridia-associated keratopathy, eventually leading to the approval of a first-in-human clinical trial. The research consortium comprises 6 active members of AniridiaNet #CA18116 Action connecting research initiatives across Europe and beyond:  Prof. Zhou (from Radboud University in Netherlands), Dr. Ashery-Padan (from Tel Aviv University in Israel), Dr. Latta (from Saarland University in Germany), Prof. Bremond-Gignac (from Hôpital Necker-Enfants Malades in France), Prof. Martin Collinson (from the University of Aberdeen in UK)and Dr. Güven (from the University of Izmir, in Turkey). Aniridia Europe AniridiaEurope,  will be in the Patient Advisory Board of the project, as well as their member associations Gêniris, Aniridi Sverige and WS Aniridie-Wagr e.V.

ANIRIDIA-NET members congratulate all parties involved on this challenging research endeavor.

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